Advocacy plan workshop, 21-23 June 2018, Thailand


The workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand during 21-23 June 2018, with the main objectives were to
1. Identify key community advocacy issues of malaria in the RAI2E implementing countries
2. Finalize CSO platform advocacy plan and strategy to address community issues
3. Identify the key messages, champions/partners, communication channel and opportunities for advocacy at national and regional level

The 3-day workshop, started from:

Day 1 on 21 June, Regional Malaria CSO platform, advocacy planning workshop.  RAI RSC CSO representatives, platform steering committee members from 5 GMS countries, APLMA, UNOPS, APCASO representatives and experts participated in the workshop to discuss an Advocacy plan for the CSO platform for phase 2018-2020.

Day 2 on 22 June, the day 2 of advocacy planning workshop, the three (3) thematic areas and activities of the advocacy had been agreed, following:

  • Community engagement and community-led service
  • Multi-sectoral collaboration and domestic-resources for universal health coverage (UHC)
  • Surveillance and data utilization

Day 3 on 23 June, Regional Malaria CSO platform Steering Committee meeting members discussed the future platform activities and preparation platform activities planning.

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