Community in the front line: Mon Nin

Mon Nin a 27 years old, farmer and a mother of 3-years old daughter is working as Village Malaria Worker (VMW) in Kampong Spue province, Cambodia. Even though her village is not at high risk of malaria transmission, most of villager work in the forest and often back with malaria infection.

Villagers spend approximately 2 weeks in the forest for work. Spending their working time with entire family including their children

“I have never felt my job as a burden even though I need to divide my time for my own family, children and farm work. I am more than happy to serve villagers and want to continue doing this”

On average Mon Min test 5 suspected case every month using RDT and found half of suspected case malaria positive. Every negative case she refers to the nearest private clinic. In the first week of September 2018, she tested 2 suspected malaria cases, and both found positive. In addition to malaria service, she also provides contraceptive and birth spacing service to the villagers.

Malaria prevention message to forest goers need to provide repeatedly. Forest goers do not follow what she teach, therefore need to repeat awareness activities with prevention messages until they realize it helps them to prevent from malaria, Mon Min replies

Mon Nin has been working as a volunteer in 2006, she has been serving regularly since then.