Community Network building, Laos 29-30 May 2019

ARC on behalf of Malaria CSO platform GMS, in partnership with RAI RSC CSO representative Dr Soulany Chansy, CSO partners LaoPHA and HPA organized a network building training workshop during 29-30 May 2019 in Salavan province, Lao PDR. Community network was built bringing malaria worker, CSO RAI2E implementing staffs and government representatives from the national and provincial level and provided capacity development training in communication. More than 20 participants from the community and government representative participated in the training. The community network includes key stakeholders from 5 malaria endemic southern provinces in Laos and will be expanded nationwide. The network will play a critical role in national and provincial level advocacy for access to health and health service at the community including for malaria. This network will also be engaged in the next round of Global Fund RAI concept note development for their input.