Cross-border malaria corner activities – Raks Thai Foundation

Between January to April 2019, Raks Thai Foundation collaborated with the Bureau of Vector Borne Disease and hospitals in Na Chaluai District (Ubon Ratchathani), and Chong Ta U, Buntharik and Chong anma Disticts (Si Sa Ket) to organize 24 prevention and screening activities. These activities occurred at high risk areas including check-points between Laos and Cambodia. No positive infection was identified in the 580 people tested during these activities.

Raks Thai Foundation works in high endemic areas of Ubon Ratchathani and Si Sa Ket, particularly along the Thai-Cambodia and Thai-Laos borders. These hard-to-reach areas, notably the DongRak mountain range, include Thai and migrant workers at rubber tree farms, and those who travel to the forest for informal work (forest-goers). Raks Thai Foundation (staff and volunteers) collaborated with government partners to organize malaria prevention educations sessions. During January-April 2019, 4,709 people received health education of which 850 indicated they stay overnight in the forests. Collaboration with government partners also allowed for testing of 2,211 people across all active foci areas.