Cross Learning Field Visit 7-10 November 2018 Salavan Province, Lao PDR


During 7-10 November 2018, American Refugee Committee (ARC) as a host of Malaria CSO platform organized a field visit in TA-Oy and Samouy districts in Salavan province of Lao PDR. Representatives from the Dept. of Planning & Cooperation and Centre for Malariology, Parasitology & Entomology (CMPE).
LaoPHA, PEDA, HPA, and RAI RSC CSO representative Louis Da Gama visited RAI2E implementing area in. CSO platform representatives CRS from Cambodia, PSI from Myanmar, Raks Thai from Thailand and SCDI from Vietnam also joined the visit. The main purpose of visit is to Salavan Provincial Health Office and district health office to get updated information regarding malaria situation in the visit areas. Salavan province is one of the five southern provinces reporting high number of malaria cases. TA-Oy and Samouy districts are surrounded by the mountains. Majority of population in districts are from 4 ethnic groups: Lao loum, Ta Oy, Katarng, and Pakoh lives.
We would like to thank the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Health (MOH) Laos, LaoPHA, HPA, PEDA and UNOPS for facilitating and coordinating the visit. Special thanks to officials from district and provincial health departments, villagers and community volunteers for hosting visit team and sharing information.