What is Regional Malaria CSO platform?

Regional Malaria CSO platform is a platform of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) working in Malaria or for the Malaria risk population, for sharing information and best practice, learning from others and advocacy. It is a network of 5 Regional Artemisinin Initiative (RAI) implementing countries (Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Thailand) in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

How Regional Malaria CSO platform works?

Regional Malaria CSO platform has the network of CSO in each RAI implementing countries. One CSO focal person in the country helps the country level coordination and information sharing to the regional platform. Regional CSO platform works closely with the CSO representatives at the RAI RSC and mandates them to share issues, challenges and best practices from the country at the RSC and regional to global level.

Who can be the network of malaria platform?

Any non-governmental organisation (NGO, INGO, CBO and networks) working in Malaria or for risk populations in the Greater Mekong Sub-region countries can be the network member of the platform.

Role of malaria Platform?

The Regional malaria CSO platform plays a key role in advocacy, communication and community engagement through different activities, for example, meetings, consultations, site visit, connecting CSOs for the technical assistance, and help develop their capacity in malaria grant implementation.

What are the benefits of CSO networking platform?

The CSO platform helps all CSOs working in malaria and working for the risk population to raise their issue. Being a part of platform network, you will have the opportunity to contribute to national and regional dialogue related to RAI. You will also be able to share challenges, issues and best practices from your countries with the regional CSO platform for advocacy.