Help in a Box

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After being with the Thailand team for a couple days, I feel like I need to give the Thailand team a shout out – they’re amazing.

They travel long distances, work tirelessly, and are so dedicated to our mission of treating and preventing the spread of really destructive diseases, like tuberculosis and malaria.

Their work is so important. But sometimes it can lead to a couple of scrapes and bruises.

When you’re on the go, you need something that travels with you in case minor accidents happen. And the last thing you need is to run into someone who needs medical attention and not be able to support it.

That’s why this team wanted first aid kits! We thought that was a fantastic idea.

Wai Tun, our friend from yesterday, was delighted!

“If I go to the field and someone is getting hurt or needs treatment, then I can help. This is also good for my family and neighbors!”

These first aid kids not only help our team stay safe and well taken care of, they’re going the extra mile for the people we serve too.

Cr. Jon Atwell ,