Independent Evaluation Report, Regional Malaria CSO Platform, GMS (2020)

The CSO Platform has completed the independent evaluation for a period of 2018-2020, with specific objectives, including assessing the effectiveness of the platform in addressing the challenges of malaria elimination and determining to what extent implemented CSO Platform activities are effective and efficient.

Overall, the evaluation concludes the Platform has been effective in its ability to: engage communities and civil society in malaria elimination efforts in the GMS; improve the effectiveness of the RAI investment in the GMS through collective advocacy; facilitate coordination between CSOs and NMCPs and communication and information sharing in some countries; facilitate in-country dialogue meetings, and provide essential training courses that have been useful to malaria elimination initiatives.

The Regional Malaria CSO Platform would like to express its thanks and appreciation to the advisors, steering committee members, key informants, survey respondents, and other stakeholders who provided their insights and shared their opinions during this evaluation.