My 14 year Journey as a volunteer

My name is Mrs. Thatsani. I am Pi Lok village volunteer for more than 14 years. I help my village and people with malaria, TB, dengue, and other health issues. I like working with malaria post in my village because my community can go and test malaria easily. I see malaria cases are increasing in my village this year. So, I focus on providing malaria prevention messages to the villagers to take precautions avoiding mosquito bites and encourage the forest goers to take a blood test when they have a fever. Sometimes, I feel impatient because the forest goers do not follow my suggestions and advice strictly and do not complete the treatment as guidelines.

However, I love helping my community because they are very poor in health knowledge, and I want them to stay in a healthy environment. Besides, I want to share my happy moment with you. Last month, I took one forest goer with a fever to the malaria post. After checking the blood test, the result showed he got infected with vivax malaria. The next day, I support his boat fare and food to visit Thong Pha Phum district hospital for the treatment and I supervise throughout his treatment course. This month, he rechecked the blood test and free from malaria.

One healthy person in the village with my help. I am very happy about it.