Regional Advocacy Statement for Leveraging the Roles of the Community Malaria Volunteers in Greater Mekong Sub Region Countries

Since the beginning of RAI, under the leadership of National Programs, civil society organizations (CSOs) have been playing complementary roles in delivering malaria services. As we transition to the next phase of RAI, the role of malaria volunteers needs to be leveraged to maximize their public health benefits within the context of changes in malaria epidemiology across GMS countries. We urge the following specific statements:

  1. In the next phase of the RAI, malaria volunteers should offer an appropriate set of integrated health services that are relevant to their communities to improve the value, impact, and efficiency of malaria programming.
  2. National Malaria Programs should develop a malaria integration plan that addresses integration of health services for malaria volunteers; the plan should include appropriate resources allocation and consider a stratified approach to integration.
  3. Malaria volunteers should be fairly and sufficiently compensated for their vital contribution to malaria elimination, within the context of each country program, ensuring alignment and consistency.