Regional consultation workshop to prepare the global fund RAI3 implementation, 5-6 March, Bangkok, Thailand

Regional consultation workshop to prepare the global fund RAI3 implementation conducted together with five GMS countries’ malaria CSO partners with leadership from respective country steering committee members, PR UNOPS, RSC Secretariat, RAI RSC CSO representatives, and CSO platform secretariat in Bangkok during 5-6 March 2020. The objectives of the regional consultation workshop include

  1. To update RAI3 funding request preparation
  2. To finalize Malaria CSO platform, GMS governance structure and TOR for members and representatives

The regional consultation workshop focuses on the programmatic and financial update for RAI2E, update of RAI3 funding request development, Data-driven decision making for RAI3, the update on five country final activities and proposed budget for RAI3 implementation, the update on regional malaria CSO platform activities and way forward, community and civil society representation in CCM, CSO platform evaluation preliminary results. The CSO platform prepared the recommendation for current country funding request that serves better community health service delivery for the underserved population in the region.