Regional CSO consultation workshop for preparation of RAI 3, Yangon, Myanmar, 27-28 October 2019

The regional malaria CSO platform, GMS has organized the regional CSO consultation workshop for the preparation of RAI 3 in Yangon on 27-28 October 2019. A total of 49 participants, including RAI RSC CSO representatives, RAI RSC Secretariat, PR UNOPS, CSO platform country steering committee members, and RAI CSO implementing partners from GMS countries attended the preparation workshop. The main objectives of the regional consultation workshop are to contextualize the countries’ priorities based on the regional statements on disease integration, private provider, and community engagement in surveillance, to identify country’s high-level priority ASKs and get consensus among CSO partners for the RAI3 and to update the CSOs regarding RAI3 funding request development. At the end of the regional consultation, the country agreed on the CSO focus areas for country high-level priority interventions for the next RAI grant.

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4. Advocacy for private provider paper515 KB
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