Regional Malaria CSO Cross Border Working Group 19-20 November 2015, Thailand


A 2-day meeting on 19-20 November 2015 was held in Bangkok Thailand with the main objective was to facilitate interactive discussions and brainstorming on Malaria BCC and reginal information sharing platform.  Specific objectives set for the meeting were to 1) share malaria-related information and elimination strategies from the RAI implementing countries, 2) identify new strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the malaria BCC activities for mobile and migrant, and ethnic minorities, and 3) create a common platform for malaria information sharing and advocacy to the CSOs and network on malaria and mobile and migrant issues.

The meeting was successful in addressing the objectives to producing expected outputs. Overall, the meeting was able to achieve there major outputs:

  • Updated knowledge about the situation of malaria, epidemiology, trends, elimination target, national strategies and BCC strategies of all 5 RAI implementing nations
  • Reviewed BCC strategies and new recommendations to address the hard-to-reach population
  • Reinstated and revamped CWG
  • Cleared conceptualization of website to serve as a platform for regional CSO information sharing, networking and advocacy.