Regional Malaria CSO platform, GMS. Review, 2017


The main purpose of this review was to evaluate the CSO Platform and through it, the CSO engagement efforts undertaken in the GMS from 2014-2017.

This review presented findings on the effectiveness of CSO engagement, advocacy and representation efforts in the context of the RAI Regional CSO platform, and formulated recommendations to strengthen CSO engagement in malaria responses for the second phase (RAI2E grant) that covers 2018-2020.

The intention of the reviewed was to collect feedback from NGOs, CBOs, mobile migrant organizations and networks, ethnic communities and networks, academia and community advocates, working in malaria in the GMS, especially those with experience working in GF grant.

Conclusions: the CSO Platform had hugely succeeded in ensuring civil society in the GMS region and is recognized as an important partner, not just for service delivery but also for decision-making, advocacy and innovation.  The first Global Fund RAI concept note was developed without strong CSO engagement, as the Regional Malaria CSO platform was not established at that time.  There was a significant contribution of the platform in preparation from the RAI2E concept note development through country and regional consultations. Recommendations of the CSO Platform were presented in the Executive Summary of the report.