Story shared by Mr. Nhoun Niyourk, Village Malaria Worker, Cambodia

My name is Nhoun Niyourk. I am 30 years old, lives in Pukes village, Memang commune together with two daughters and one son. I open a small grocery shop for his living. It was very difficult to get treatment many years ago when I got infected with malaria. When I heard, health center looking for a village malaria worker, I volunteered myself. Now, on average, I spend 2 hours a day for testing and treatment of malaria. I enjoy this malaria volunteer work because I can help people in my village about malaria prevention and treatment, and more importantly, I can help my family and relatives if they need help. Being a malaria volunteer is I can take care of my family and my people in the village. I want to know more about how I can help the treatment of severe malaria cases. I want to get a recognition letter from the government when we get malaria elimination in the country because it is a strong commitment from me.

One of the challenges I have is that there is no clear date of next month’s VMW meeting. It makes difficult for me to plan as I need to go to the forest. Sometimes, my malaria stock runs out before the health center meeting. And also, because there is no mobile malaria worker in our village, when a patient has a severe illness, it is difficult for me to go to the forest. I also want to get the same incentive as MMW. And also, I want to request to provide a phone to contact the health center when there is important to share with the Health center.