National CSO consultation Lao PDR, 19-January 2017


Lao PDR malaria CSO platform organized a CSO consultation on 19 January 2017 to input to the regional RAI concept note bringing people from the community and different NGOs and INGOs. Reginal Malaria CSO platform, RAI RSC, APCASO and the FRC Laos supported to organize the consultation.

Communities and civil society recommend the following activities included in the Global Fund funding request for 2018-2020 and support the National Malaria Programme.

  1. Engaging ‘hard to reach’ populations (including migrants and ethnic minority groups) through developing and delivering innovative and culturally appropriate communication and education techniques and materials; disseminating prevention tools; utilizing new technologies; and, significantly, building sustainable community networks in these communities and populations
  2. Community-led case management (test, treat, track) ensuring compliance with treatment – critical to achieving the elimination agenda
  3. Capacity building of communities in malaria endemic areas, including: civil society led capacity building in leadership, education techniques, communication/public speaking, monitoring, surveillance and evaluation training, among other skills; Valuing the important role of volunteers, incentivizing and professionalizing their work, and building sustainable community systems for health; instigating improved support structures for volunteers through mentoring and networking
  4. Building partnerships between communities in malaria endemic areas and other stakeholders (including private sector).

The outcome was presented by platform representatives at the Laos country dialogue on 20 January 2017.