National CSO consultation Myanmar, 29 January 2017


On 29 January 2017, in Yangon, representatives from communities most effected by malaria, CSOs working in malaria responses gathered in a consultation to prepare inputs to the Global Fund RAI concept note 2018-2020.  The workshop was organized by ARC/Myanmar, CPI, KDHW, Regional Ma malaria CSO platform, GMS, and APCASO.

Representatives from more than 16 organizations participated, PR-UNOPS provided the overview of country situation as well as Global Fund above allocation request from Myanmar Community and civil society look forward to continuing to work with the National Programme in implementing the elimination agenda and building on the successes achieved during RAI-1.

The outcomes from the workshop were documented, community and civil society participants should be designed using the Global Fund’s Community System Strengthening (CSS) Framework.  The key contents of the Global Fund’s CSS Framework have already been articulated in “Towards Greatest Impact and Effectiveness of RAI 2018-2020, Malaria CSO Ideas”, which was presented and strongly supported at the Regional Consultation Workshop in Bangkok, December 16, 2016.

Participants strongly believed that the participation of communities and civil society working with communities most effected by malaria will contribute significantly to sustainable efforts to control and eliminate malaria in Myanmar.