Regional Malaria CSO Consultation 10 May 2016, Thailand


With the support of the Global Fund Regional Artemisinin resistance Initiative (RAI) Reginal Steering Committee (RSC) and the Global Secretariat and the Malaria CSO platform had organized a reginal level Malaria CSO consultation on 10 May 2016 in Thailand.
The 3rd of its kind – the first two meetings of the CSOs were held on 4th December 2014, and 17th – 18thNovember 2015 respectively. This meeting was conducted to further consolidate malaria situation and the experiences of CSOs from 5 RAI implementing countries and provide consultative inputs to aid in the development of a new global fund concept note (2018-2020).

With the main objectives were to 1) build reginal and national level CSO engagement around malaria in the GMS countries, 2) participating in the regional-level strategic governance mechanisms and dialogues (e.g. RAI RSC, APLMA SOM) by identifying key strategic issues and priorities from the perspective of communities/CSOs, 3) share experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of community-based malaria programs targeting hard-to-reach populations under the Global Fund RAI, 4) hold consolations in preparation for the global fund concept note development process, and 5) update partners on the regional civil society malaria working group and platform activities.



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