Regional Malaria CSO Consultation_12 November 2018, Lao PDR

Regional CSO Consultation on 12th November 2018 in Vientiane, Lao PDR. More than 40 participants from the RAI2E implementing countries CSO gathered and shared the challenges, issues, achievements and agreed on the recommendation to the RAI RSC.

Regional Presentation

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RAI RSC updates CSO mtg12-Nov-2018 780 KB
Training Need Assessment Presentation_GMS Malaria CSO platform 12 Nov 2 MB
UNOPS_PR_CSO_Update_121118_FINAL 568 KB
Platform progress and plan for 2019_Updated-12-Nov-2018 3 MB

Country Presentation

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Platform progress and plan for 2019_Updated-12-Nov-2018 3 MB
Country-Presentation_Vietnam_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018_2 1 MB
Country-Presentation_Vietnam_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018_1 2 MB
Country-Presentation_Thailand_Regional Component_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 2 MB
Country-Presentation_Thailand_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 2 MB
Country-Presentation_Myanmar_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 1 MB
Country-Presentation_Laos_UCSF_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 3 MB
Country-Presentation_Laos_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 2 MB
Country-Presentation_Cambodia_GMS-Malaria-CSO-Platform-12-Nov-2018 1 MB
Country Presentation_Laos_GMS Malaria CSO Platform 12 Nov 2018 (2) 2 MB